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Proposal Number: 4548

Domain: Energy

Theme(s): Cost-effective energy conversion & storage for variability in grid and transport
Cost-effective renewables for 24/7 energy supply

Supporting Central Government Agency: Ministry of Power

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 395.00

Principal Investigator: G Narayanan

Principal Investigator Institute: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Pramod Kumar ,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
L Umanand ,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Domain: Energy

Project Title

Design, Development and Control of High-Speed Switched Reluctance Generator for Direct-Coupled Operation with Thermal Turbo-Machinery

Project Images

Image Caption:Illustrative exploded view of the proposed switched reluctance generator

Web Abstract

Direct-coupled high-speed turbo-generators (turbine coupled with generator) have higher efficiency and power density than gearbox-coupled conventional turbo-generators. The rotor of a switched reluctance generator (SRG) is suitable for high-speed and high-temperature applications as it is robust, simple, permanent magnet-free, and carries no current. The project seeks to develop high-speed SRG (20 kW/50000 rpm) for thermal turbine based generation. The final prototype would be preceded by two prototypes rated 5 kW/ 10000 rpm and 5 kw/ 50000 rpm, respectively. The project includes design and fabrication of high-speed SRG, structural and dynamic analysis of the high-speed rotor, and electrical performance evaluation of the SRG. The complete design procedure, encompassing electromagnetic and mechanical aspects, will ensure structural robustness, thermal compliance and manufacturability of the high-speed machine in a systematic fashion. The scope includes novel control strategies for high-speed generation, back-to-back operation and position sensor-less operation, besides development of high-switching-frequency power converters.


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