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Proposal Number: 7863

Domain: Energy

Theme(s): Smart and reliable energy supply systems

Supporting Central Government Agency: Ministry of Power

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 140.04

Principal Investigator: Anupama Kowli

Principal Investigator Institute: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Shreevardhan Soman ,Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Mukul Chandorkar ,Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Domain: Energy

Project Title

Cognition and Control for Demand Management: Sensors, Actuators and Web Services for Smart Consumers

Project Images

Image Caption:A complete hardware-cum-software-based solution for demand management applications

Web Abstract

The transition to a smarter grid has heralded with it the era of smart consumers, who are expected to proactively adopt energy efficiency (EE) and demand response (DR) practices in exchange for incentives. This project aims to provide hardware-cum-software based solutions for demand management of consumer loads to improve their EE and DR capabilities. Low cost and energy efficient sensor nodes will be developed for gathering relevant information, which would be suitably stored on a server, processed on a web-based platform and accessed through an online interface (computer/mobile phone). Control strategies will be designed to implement EE and DR measures based on user preferences and needs of the grid, and integrated into the web platform to devise the complete solution. The proposed solutions will be reliable, easy-to-use and customizable to facilitate adoption of EE and DR practices. These capabilities will be demonstrated on representative testbeds at IITB.

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