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Low Cost Indoor Occupancy and Climate Monitoring System For Energy Conservation

Primary Information



Project No.


Sanction and Project Initiation

Sanction No:

Sanction Date: 19/12/2016

Project Initiation date: 09/02/2017

Project Duration: 36

Partner Ministry/Agency/Industry

Ministry of Power


Role of partner: Provide funding support


Support from partner:

Principal Investigator

PI Image

Anoop Singh
IIT Kanpur

Host Institute


PI Image

Y N Singh
IIT Kanpur


Scope and Objectives

To develop a cost-effective monitoring system using programmable hardware for remote monitoring of indoor occupancy and climate to provide real-time periodic actionable information for operating Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) plants to conserve energy.


An Energy Management System (EMS) comprising standardised programmable hardware with sensors and portal with dashboards for operator and supervisory monitoring of indoor climate to provide real-time periodic actionable information for operating Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) plants to conserve energy. Implement the system at a limited scale at IIT Kanpur to demonstrate its capability.


Project image
Project image
Project image

Scientific Output

Estimate the potential for energy saving from HVAC system using monitored indoor climate data from the implemented locations at IIT Kanpur and use this to highlight the need for effective monitoring and improvement in operational practices. This is a work in progress.


Project image
Project image
Project image

Results and outcome till date

A new module to calculate excess cooling, excess energy consumption and hence potential for cost saving has been implemented. Daily, weekly and monthly excess energy consumption is estimated and visualised through EMS portal. Device and team Management module incorporated.


Project image
Project image
Project image

Societal benefit and impact anticipated

A developing society like India can lower its carbon footprint by adopting energy efficient practices. The projects outcome would be available for deployment through EMS portal with set of instructions, manuals and downloadable files. Given the substantial amount of energy used for indoor climate improvement, the EMS can help reduce overall energy usage in the country.

Next steps

1. Deployment of Supervisor and operator dashboard to access implementation issues.
2. Development of manuals for self-implementation of the developed EMS.
3. Explore implementation at off-site location like IITK's Noida outreach centre.
4. Development of Android based app.
5. Work further on completion of research paper.

Publications and reports

To be developed based on new module and data being compiled by the system. Heat load calculations and energy saving potential would provide further support to analytics to be applied to the data collected.


To be explored now

Scholars and Project Staff

Ms. Deeksha Yadav - Deputy Project Manager (2 year)
Ms. Divya Devi - Project Associate (1 year 9 months)
Mr. Sharad Singh - Project Manager (1 year 1 month)
Ms. Smrati (5+ months)
Mr. Gaurav Gupta - PHD scholar

Challenges faced

Need for operator and supervisor cooperation in understanding the need and relevance of implementation of EMS at a site.

Financial Information

  • Total sanction: Rs. 88.75 lakhs

  • Amount received: Rs. 58.75 lakhs

  • Amount utilised for Equipment: Rs. 11.52 lakhs

  • Amount utilised for Manpower: Rs. 29.65 lakhs

  • Amount utilised for Consumables: Rs. 0.85 lakhs

  • Amount utilised for Contingency: Rs. 0.29 lakhs

  • Amount utilised for Travel: Rs.0.25 lakhs

  • Amount utilised for Other Expenses: 0

  • Amount utilised for Overheads: Rs. 12 lakhs

Equipment and facilities


Data logger development (see pic) Organisation Registration Module created for standalone implementation of EMS in an organisation. Offisite Implementation at IITK Noida Centre.

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