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Electronically tuned ultra-wide band Microwave Monolithic Devices using Magnetic Nanostructures

Primary Information


Nano-Technology Hardware

Project No.


Sanction and Project Initiation

Sanction No: 41-2/2013-T.5.; (PT.IVOl.llI. ANNE.-II S.l. 75)

Sanction Date: 03/10/2016

Project Initiation date: 01/10/2017

Project Duration: 36

Partner Ministry/Agency/Industry

Department of Science and Technology & Rohde & Schwarz India Pvt Ltd


Role of partner:The researchers will collaborate with scientists from IIT Delhi, JNU Delhi, and Rohde & Schwarz India Pvt Ltd, Delhi to design, fabricate and characterize frequency tunable, compatible with Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) technology, small light weight, cost effective, high frequency (>10GHz).


Support from partner:50 % of budget by Department of Science and Technology . Rohde & Schwarz India Pvt Ltd provides supports in kind to the tune of 1 Cr.

Principal Investigator

PI Image

Dr. Pranaba Kishor Muduli
Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Host Institute


PI Image

Dr. Bijoy K. Kuanr
Special Centre for nanoscience, Jawharlal Nehru University, Delhi


Scope and Objectives

1) To develop and demonstrate novel low cost high-frequency planar devices in ultra-small microstrip and co-planar waveguide geometry for security and military applications. 2) In this project, specific devices like band-pass and band-stop filter, phase shifter and isolator will be designed, fabricated, tested and demonstrated for commercial viability with Rohde and Schwarz India Pvt Ltd. 3) To boost the operating frequency beyond 10 GHz we will integrate nanowires of multiferroics (BiFe_1-xA_xO_3, A=Cr,Ni,Co) and transition metals into the waveguides.


The final outcome of our devices are: (1) Electronically-tunable Band-stop and Band-pass filters. (2) Electronically -tunable Phase Shifters (3) Electronically -tunable Isolators


Project image


Scientific Output

1) Development of magnetic ultra-thin films, multi-layers. 2) Nanowires and nanotubes growth (Template base approach). 3) Device 1 Notch Filter - Developed and demonstrated novel high-frequency device Magnetic Nanowire (FeCoB) based Microwave Monolithic Devices with Operating frequency 25 to 35 GHz 4) Device 2 Notch Filter - Magnetic Thin film (Hexaferrites) based Microwave Monolithic Devices. Operating frequency 8 to 35 GHz. 5) Device 3 Phase Shifter - FeCoB filled Nano-Wires for microstrip line phase shifter with 60 degrees/cm and more phase shift.


Project image

Results and outcome till date

1) Device 1 : Notch Filter: Developed and demonstrated novel high-frequency device. Magnetic Nanowire (FeCoB) based Microwave Monolithic Devices with Operating frequency 25 to 35 GHz. 2) Device 2 Notch Filter: Magnetic Thin film (Hexaferrites) based Microwave Monolithic Devices. Operating frequency: 8 to 35 GHz. 3) Device 3 : Phase Shifter: FeCoB filled Nano-Wires for microstrip line phase shifter; around 60 degree/cm and higher phase shift.


Project image

Societal benefit and impact anticipated

The microwave components fabricated and tested in this project have not been made in India sofar. So, this project is unique and first of its kind to promote the MAKE IN INDIA programme of GOI, which can be produced in India without any foreign collaboration. The target application is the 5G technology front-end devices in addition to security and military applications. Possible strategy for commercialization or field trial with the timeframe and help needed, if any. The partner company Rohde & Schwarz India Pvt Ltd, Delhi has a commitment to commercializing the designed products.

Next steps

Further work is to design, fabrication and testing of the electronically tunable non-reciprocal device (Isolators).

Publications and reports

1. Microwave Monolithic Filter and Phase Shifter using Magnetic Nanostructures, Shehreen Aslam Manoj Khanna Veerakumar Veenugopal Bijoy K Kuanr AIP Advances 8, 2018, 056624 2. Exchange coupled hard soft ferrites A new microwave material, Vipul Sharma Shweta Kumari Bijoy K Kuanr Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 736, 2018, 266. 3. Magnetic and crystallographic properties of rare earth substituted yttrium iron garnet, Vinay Sharma Bijoy Kumar Kuanr Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 748, 2018, 591. 4. One dimensional FeCo nanowires Ferromagnetic Resonance and Magnetization dynamics, Shehreen Aslam Manoj Khanna Bijoy K Kuanr AIP Advances, 7, 2017, 056027 5. Magnetization reversal switching in nanocylinders using dynamic techniques Monika Sharma Ananjan Basu and Bijoy K Kuanr, J Magn Magn Mater, Revision submitted 6. Investigation of spintronic functionality in transition metal doped BiFeO3, Vinay Sharma Ram Krishna Ghosh and Bijoy K Kuanr, Scientific Report, Revision submitted 7. Miniaturized broadband microwave isolator control of non reciprocity in electromagnetic wave transmission by active metamateria, Vinay Sharma Bijoy K Kuanr, J Magn Magn Mater, Submitted 8. Tuning of single sideband generation by in plane field angle in spin torque nanooscillators Raghav Sharma Naveen Sisodia and P K Muduli 2018 IEEE International Magnetic Conference INTERMAG Singapore, 2018, 8508756 9. Proximity effect induced enhanced spin pumping in PyGd at room temperature Rajni Bansal Niru Chowdhury and P K Muduli Appl Phys Lett 112, 262403, 2018. 10. Large spin current generation by the spin Hall effect in mixed crystalline phase Ta thin films, Akash Kumar Rajni Bansal Sujeet Chaudhary and P K Muduli, Phys Rev B 98, 104403, 2018.


Nil ( so Far)

Scholars and Project Staff

1. Dr. Anindita Das : from 01-11-2017 to till date.
2. Dr. Raghav Sharma: from 01-07-2017 to till date.
3. Dr. DHANANJAY TIWARI 01-11-2017 to 31-01-2018
4. Sajid Husain 01-07-2018 to 30-09-2018
5 . M. Sasiendran 01-08-2018 to till date
6. Dr. Dinesh Kumar 01-11-2018 to till date

Financial Information

  • Total sanction: Rs. 40000000

  • Amount received: Rs. 31609800

  • Amount utilised for Equipment: Rs. 9837894

  • Amount utilised for Manpower: Rs. 1640360

  • Amount utilised for Consumables: Rs. 18966716

  • Amount utilised for Contingency: 0

  • Amount utilised for Travel: 0

  • Amount utilised for Other Expenses: 0

  • Amount utilised for Overheads: 0

Equipment and facilities


Facility: Pulse laser deposition (PLD) High-Frequency probe station, UV Exposure system (in progress) Equipment purchased: Excimer laser, PLD Chamber, Source/Measuring Unit (SMU), High-Temperature alumina tubes and Aluminium product, Magnet power supply, Motorized XYT stage, Lock-in Amplifier

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