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Proposal Number: 4411

Domain: Manufacturing

Theme(s): Additive Manufacturing Processes
CAD/CAM and Robotics
Machines and Tooling for Manufacturing Applications
Manufacturing Automation and Technologies
Net Shape Manufacturing with Engineered Properties
Subtractive Manufacturing Processes

Supporting Central Government Agency: Department of Science and Technology

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 400.00

Principal Investigator: K. P. Karunakaran

Principal Investigator Institute: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

J. Ramkumar ,Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Domain: Manufacturing

Project Title

Multi-Station Multi-Axis Hybrid Layered Manufacturing System

Project Images

Image Caption:Single Station Multi-Axis HLM (SSMA-HLM)

Web Abstract

No process or technology is omnipotent; each has certain advantages and limitations. Therefore, integrating hybrid processes and multiple technologies synergically gives the best results. Multi-Station Multi-Axis Hybrid Layered Manufacturing (MSMA-HLM) is one such. MSMA-HLM is hybrid in more than one sense: Arc and LASER cladding; 3-axis and 5-axis kinematics; planar, adaptive and conformal slicing strategies. It uses preheating and pneumatic hammering technologies for stress relieving and an automatic inspection using image processing based. Any weldable metal can be used. HLM can use multiple materials to build composite objects and features like conformal cooling channels (CCC). HLM has been proved for very complex geometries such as: impeller, turbine blade and composite injection mold with CCC. It is applicable for fresh manufacturing as well as repair. MSMA-HLM uses a unique parallel kinematics for Y and Z axes in scissor configuration. If this succeeds, the machine tool industry may adopt it.

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