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Proposal Number: 6406

Domain: Information & Communication Technology

Theme(s): Security and Defence

Supporting Central Government Agency:

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 48.20

Principal Investigator: Goutam Saha

Principal Investigator Institute: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


Domain: Information & Communication Technology

Project Title

Development of anti-spoofing measure for speech interfaces to prevent computer generated voice hacking

Web Abstract

Voice based biometric systems are receiving increasing attention from research community because of its application in banking, human-computer interfaces, secure access control etc. However, such kind of systems are highly susceptible to spoofing attacks specially, for remote access cases. With recent development in voice conversion and speech synthesis algorithms, spoofing attacks have become serious threats to the current state-of-the-art Automatic Speaker Verification (ASV) systems. To impede such attacks and to enhance the security of the ASV systems, development of efficient anti-spoofing algorithms is essential that can differentiate synthetic or converted speech from natural or human speech. The project aims to develop a spoofed-voice detector using technology gaps in synthesized speech generation process which can be used in speech interfaces where voice hacking is an issue. It will also consider real-time use of the counter measure developed in an automatic speaker verification platform when subjected to different kinds of spoofed speech.

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