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Proposal Number: 7338

Domain: Information & Communication Technology

Theme(s): CAD for Reliability and Safety
Communication technology
Security and Defence
Smart City

Supporting Central Government Agency: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 38.50

Principal Investigator: Dr. T.P.Tezeswi

Principal Investigator Institute: National Institute of Technology Warangal

Dr. P.Ratish Kumar ,National Institute of Technology Warangal
Dr.K.Gopi Krishna ,National Institute of Technology Warangal
Dr.MVN Sivakumar ,National Institute of Technology Warangal
Dr.M.Shashi ,National Institute of Technology Warangal

Domain: Information & Communication Technology

Project Title

A simple and robust non-contact method for rapid structural health monitoring of critical infrastructure using Digital Image Correlation.

Project Images

Image Caption:Overview of SHM Methodology

Web Abstract

A portable digital image correlation (DIC) and photogrammetric data acquisition system using only digital cameras for structural health monitoring, that is simple and robust enough to be used in the field without specialized training is proposed. The proposed device and procedure will enable the 2D/3D DIC as well as out of plane measurements using photogrammetry, without sacrificing accuracy and at a lower cost. This system will enable global as well as localized measurements of structural deformation and provide data for periodic maintenance as well as categorical GO-NO-GO condition classification of critical infrastructure such as railway bridges, nuclear plants, dams and aircraft.

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