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19 projects are now under implementation

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Projects Under Implementation: Advanced Materials

Sr. No. Supporting Council / Dept. / Ministry Project No. Project Title
1 Ministry of Power 4035 Development and application of small scale bending tests for residual property assessment of high temperature materials in turbines
2 Indian Space Research Organization 7969 Self Healing Circuits for Automatic Repair of Open Faults: Increasing Reliability of Electronic Devices for Space and Defence Applications
3 Department of Science and Technology 6367 Periodic foam materials for noise-reducing heat sinks
4 Department of Science and Technology 7802 Metamaterial Enhanced Wireless Power Transmission System
5 Indian Council of Medical Research 5450 Development of macro-encapsulation device for islet cell transplantation for diabetes treatment
6 Indian Council of Medical Research 7211 Light based ultrasound array detector development for diagnosing RBC under various disease model in infant
7 Industry+foundation+ Donor 4291 Affordable and cost effective cancer diagnosis/treatment using gold based biodegradable nanoparticles
8 Department of Heavy Industries 7035 Hierarchical nanostructured carbon materials derived from candle soot and graphene for high rate and high performance electrodes for automotive batteries and supercapacitors
9 Department of Science and Technology 7464 Development of an Open Source Solidification/Melting Platform – OpenSol
10 Ministry of Steel 6777 High strength, wear and corrosion resistant steel for high speed rail and elastic clip
11 Ministry of Steel 8014 Model based optimization tool (EAF_OPT) for enhancing Energy Efficiency, Productivity and Yield of Electric Arc Furnaces
12 Ministry of Steel 6456 Indegeneous development of a ultra high strength steel with stainless property for space application
13 Department of Science and Technology 7183 Fabrication of Optical Meta Material for cloaking in visible wavelength
14 Department of Science and Technology 5736 Fabrication of polymer based materials for thermoelectric applications
15 Ministry of Road Transport and Highways 7772 A multi-scale framework for designing green tyres
16 Department of Science and Technology 7967 Indigenous low-cost compact optical non-contact device for in situ characterization of soft-matter.
17 Department of Heavy Industries 6466 Erosion, Corrosion and Deposition Resistant Coatings for Coal-Fired Boilers
18 Department of Science and Technology 6292 Design and Development of Dynamic Mechanical Analyser
19 Ministry of Road Transport and Highways 7330 Development of Cost Effective Magneto-Rheological (MR) Fluid Damper in Two wheelers and Four Wheelers Automobile to Improve Ride Comfort and Stability
20 --- 7365 Microwave assisted reduction of iron ore/slimes: An innovative and cost effective approach for dry beneficiation for maximization of iron recovery from low grade ores