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Proposal Number: 7057

Domain: Nano-Technology Hardware

Theme(s): Environment

Supporting Central Government Agency:

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 390.00

Principal Investigator: Swaroop Ganguly

Principal Investigator Institute: IIT Bombay

Apurba Laha ,IIT Bombay
Dipankar Saha ,IIT Bombay
B. G. Fernandes ,IIT Bombay
Kishore Chatterjee ,IIT Bombay

Domain: Nano-Technology Hardware

Project Title

Development of Gallium-nitride HEMT Based Power Electronic Interfaces Enabled by Device-to-System Characterization and Modeling

Web Abstract

The use of wide-bandgap semiconductors would vastly enhance the efficiency of power electronics – a critical national need from both the energy security and climate change perspectives. Here we propose to design and assemble power electronic interfaces based on gallium-nitride (GaN) high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMT). GaN-HEMT devices will be procured externally, followed by characterization and model development at IIT Bombay (IITB). These in-house device models would be taken as inputs for the design of power electronic interfaces, which would finally be fabricated here. The novelty envisaged here is device-system co-design: coupling between device characterization and modeling on one side, and power electronic system design on the other. The deliverable would be the demonstration of a GaN-HEMT based 600V DC-DC Photovoltaic (PV) power converter as a proof-of-concept. Commercialization of this and allied GaN-HEMT based power-switching solutions, for applications such as renewables, electric vehicles and strategic electronics, will be pursued thereafter via the transfer-of-technology and start-up routes.

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