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Proposal Number: 5868

Domain: Manufacturing

Theme(s): Additive Manufacturing Processes

Supporting Central Government Agency: Department of Heavy Industries

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 399.00

Principal Investigator: Dipankar Banerjee

Principal Investigator Institute: Indian Institute of Science

B. Gurumoorthy ,Indian Institute of Science
Amaresh Chakrabarti ,Indian Institute of Science
Pradeep Dutta ,Indian Institute of Science
Abhik Choudhury ,Indian Institute of Science

Domain: Manufacturing

Project Title


Project Images

Image Caption:Land Based Turbine Component with Additive Manufacturing

Web Abstract

We propose the application of additive manufacturing to land based turbine components with complex geometries and conventional multi-step manufacturing processes in a consortium approach. The consortium consists of researchers in the Indian Institute of Science, a Bangalore based additive manufacturing industry partner with demonstrated experience in process design and build of complex geometries based on powder bed fusion by laser sources with materials such as titanium and nickel base alloys and specialty steel, and a Bangalore located leading industrial steam tribune manufacturer providing solutions to 100MW. We have identified specific parts and materials for this exercise that are made in production by extensive subtractive machining from forged barstock. Our proposal lies in the domain of application engineering, and will involve process optimization, development of a property data base, demonstration of consistency, cost benefit analysis and development of standards for the application of an additive process to an industrial part.

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