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Projects Supported by Indian Council of Medical Research

Sr. No. Domain Project No. Project Title
1 Advanced Materials 5450 Development of macro-encapsulation device for islet cell transplantation for diabetes treatment
2 Advanced Materials 7211 Light based ultrasound array detector development for diagnosing RBC under various disease model in infant
3 Healthcare 5334 Development of Artificial Pancreas for Closed Loop Blood Glucose Control of Type-1 Diabetic Patients in India
4 Healthcare 6264 Development of Microneedle Array for Paediatric Applications
5 Healthcare 4511 Development of human embryo viability biomarker diagnostics for elective embryo transfer to improve pregnancy outcome: potential application in ART clinic
6 Healthcare 6013 An Automated and Efficient Glaucoma Prescreening System
7 Healthcare 4560 Sodium Potassium Detection : Electro Finder
8 Healthcare 5917 A device for detecting circulating tumor cells in blood using a microfluidic chip and a fibre optic sensor
9 Healthcare 4129 Design and Development of Bioresorbable Drug Eluting Coronary Stents
10 Healthcare 4204 ARTICULATE + : A system for automated assessment and rehabilitation of persons with articulation disorders
11 Healthcare 6714 Haemostatic bandages for trauma care
12 Healthcare 6966 A Smartphone-Based Dark-Field Microscope for Point of Care (POC) Diagnosis of Blood-Cell Disorders in Lethal Diseases
13 Healthcare 6537 Development of a remote healthcare delivery system: Early diagnosis, therapy, follow-up and preventive care for non-communicable diseases (cardio-pulmonary)
14 Healthcare 6849 Development of Advanced Holter Monitor with extended recording and episode detection
15 Healthcare 7781 Development of a Cost Effective Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) with Centrifugal Mechanical Circulator, Drive System and Associated Control
16 Healthcare 4429 Development of Smartphone Integrated Generic Microfluidic Devices for Rapid, Portable, and Affordable Point-of-Care Diagnostics
17 Healthcare 5344 Designer food formulation with resistant starch and protein for diabetic/nephro-diabetic patients: An approach towards commercialization
18 Healthcare 6999 Development of an inexpensive obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) detection and analysis system useful for home care
19 Healthcare 8058 Extreme Point of Care Diagnostics on a CD
20 Healthcare 6803 Development, commercialization and deployment of complete mobility solution (indoor & outdoor) for people with locomotor disability
21 Healthcare 6060 A microfluidic based point of care testing device for measuring urine albumin using a novel organic dye
22 Information & Communication Technology 6919 A web and mobile phone based service for health administrators, medical officers and health workers to track/monitor progress of Tuberculosis (TB) patients in real-time
23 Information & Communication Technology 6942 A Mobile-based Virtual Reality Platform for Training and Educating Community Health Workers (CHWs)
24 Information & Communication Technology 8129 Development of a system for post stroke rehabilitation of hand functions using a low cost robotic exoskeleton
25 Nano-Technology Hardware 5699 Minimally invasive Mobile Healthcare Diagnostic platform for Glycated Hemoglobin Detection
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