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Proposal Number: 7772

Domain: Advanced Materials

Theme(s): Indigenous model based software/tool development

Supporting Central Government Agency: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 129.73

Principal Investigator: Krishna Kannan

Principal Investigator Institute: Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Sundararajan Natarajan ,IIT Madras
Narasimhan Swaminathan ,Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Manoj Pandey ,Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Domain: Advanced Materials

Project Title

A multi-scale framework for designing green tyres

Project Images

Image Caption:Activities associated with the design of a green tyre

Web Abstract

Rolling resistance (RR) in tyres contributes to nearly 15-20% of the total fuel consumption in automobiles. Tyres with low RR are called ``Green Tyres'' since the automobiles using them produce less greenhouse gas emissions. This project will focus on manufacturing a green tyre without compromising on the wet traction and wear performance. Currently, the development of green-tyres involves trial and error, draining the financial resources and man-hours due to the several polymer-filler combinations, which have to be tried. It is known that a higher polymer-filler interface strength results in a lower RR. In this work molecular simulations will be used to reduce the sample space of prospective green tyre materials based on the polymer-filler interface strength. The design of a green tyre will be facilitated by developing and implementing validated constitutive equations using smoothed finite element method (FEM) in ABAQUS. The designed green tyre will be manufactured by MRF.