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19 projects are now under implementation

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Projects Under Implementation: Energy

Sr. No. Supporting Council / Dept. / Ministry Project No. Project Title
1 Ministry of New and Renewable Energy 4424 Hybrid: Latent and Sensible heat thermal storage system for medium and high temperature CSP applications
2 Ministry of Power 4548 Design, Development and Control of High-Speed Switched Reluctance Generator for Direct-Coupled Operation with Thermal Turbo-Machinery
3 Ministry of New and Renewable Energy 5815 Design, development and demonstration of indigenous hydrogen storage and fuel cell system for mobile and stationary applications of 5 kW capacity
4 Ministry of New and Renewable Energy 5931 Development of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Stack with Self Humidification
5 Ministry of Power 6773 Data-driven modeling, analytics, and optimization techniques to manage building thermal demand
6 Ministry of Power 7863 Cognition and Control for Demand Management: Sensors, Actuators and Web Services for Smart Consumers
7 DST + IRCC, IITB 5294 Unlocking shale gas potential in India through a reservoir geomechanical approach
8 Ministry of New and Renewable Energy 7698 Mass Cultivation of Microalgae for the Production of High Value Bio-Fuel Fractions through Hydro-Thermal Liquefaction (HTL)
9 Department of Atomic Energy 4077 Nanoparticle Dispersed Deep Eutectic Solvents as Low Cost Heat Transfer fluid for Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plant
10 PI Institute+Industry 6727 Design and development of energy efficient and environment friendly LPG and Kerosene cooking stoves with Porous Radiant Burners for household and large-scale cooking applications
11 Ministry of Coal 7986 Development of pressurized dual fluidized bed gasifier for high-ash Indian coal
12 Ministry of Power 6042 Decentralized power generation using micro gas turbines
13 Ministry of Power 7055 Power Converter Design and Implementations for Energy Efficient Applications using Wide-Bandgap Power Devices
14 Ministry of Power 8073 Low Cost Indoor Occupancy and Climate Monitoring System For Energy Conservation
15 Ministry of Road Transport and Highways 7911 Hybrid Sodium-ion cell /super-capacitor packs for Light Electric Vehicles
16 Ministry of New and Renewable Energy 5296 Development of 10 kW/50 kWh Redox Flow Battery System for Solar PV Applications
17 Department of Heavy Industries 6362 Next Generation Heat Exchangers Design Using Additive Manufacturing and Shape Optimization
18 IGCAR 4569 Development and Evaluation of an in-situ high-temperature guided ultrasonic wave based corrosion-under-insulation detection system for nuclear power plant pipes (nGUMPS)
19 Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs 7801 Sustainable waste water treatment through bio-photoelectro catalysis and biofuel production