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Projects Supported by Department of Science and Technology

Sr. No. Domain Project No. Project Title
1 Advanced Materials 6367 Periodic foam materials for noise-reducing heat sinks
2 Advanced Materials 7802 Metamaterial Enhanced Wireless Power Transmission System
3 Advanced Materials 7464 Development of an Open Source Solidification/Melting Platform – OpenSol
4 Advanced Materials 7183 Fabrication of Optical Meta Material for cloaking in visible wavelength
5 Advanced Materials 5736 Fabrication of polymer based materials for thermoelectric applications
6 Advanced Materials 7967 Indigenous low-cost compact optical non-contact device for in situ characterization of soft-matter.
7 Advanced Materials 6292 Design and Development of Dynamic Mechanical Analyser
8 Environmental Science & Climate Change 6840 Development of a smartphone camera-based sensor for detection and remediation of chromium pollution in water
9 Manufacturing 4411 Multi-Station Multi-Axis Hybrid Layered Manufacturing System
10 Manufacturing 6722 Development of Technology and Machine for Controlled Spontaneous Manufacturing of Multi-scale Fractal Structures using Fluid Instabilities for Biomimetic and other Applications
11 Nano-Technology Hardware 5360 High voltage & ESD device development & enablement for SCL 180nm CMOS Technology
12 Nano-Technology Hardware 6099 Design of a Surface-Enhanced Spectroscopy based Device for the Rapid Detection of Organophosphate Pesticides and Pyrethroid Insecticides in Fruits and Vegetables
13 Nano-Technology Hardware 7057 Development of Gallium-nitride HEMT Based Power Electronic Interfaces Enabled by Device-to-System Characterization and Modeling
14 Nano-Technology Hardware 7210 A Novel In Situ Mechanical-FTIR Setup for Combined Optical Imaging and IR Vibrational Spectroscopy
15 Nano-Technology Hardware 4402 Development of web enabled learning/training modules for nanomaterials, fabrication and devices
16 Nano-Technology Hardware 7519 Electronically tuned ultra-wide band Microwave Monolithic Devices using Magnetic Nanostructures
17 Nano-Technology Hardware 6349 Reusable and Field-Deployable Nanobiocatalysts for Detection of Pesticides and Herbicides
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