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Proposal Number: 7519

Domain: Nano-Technology Hardware

Theme(s): Security

Supporting Central Government Agency:

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 400.00

Principal Investigator: Dr. Pranaba Kishor Muduli

Principal Investigator Institute: Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Dr. Bijoy K. Kuanr ,Special Centre for nanoscience, Jawharlal Nehru University, Delhi

Domain: Nano-Technology Hardware

Project Title

Electronically tuned ultra-wide band Microwave Monolithic Devices using Magnetic Nanostructures

Project Images

Image Caption:Proposed Devices

Web Abstract

JNU-Delhi, IIT Delhi, and Rohde & Schwarz India Pvt Ltd, Delhi will design, fabricate and characterize frequency tunable, compatible with MMIC Technology, small light-weight for hand-held operation, cost-effective, high-frequency (>10GHz), devices for next generation communication devices and military applications:

We propose here on-wafer microwave devices (10 to 40 GHz range). We will use three recent innovations; nanostructured magnetic elements, magnetic nanowires, and ultra-small waveguides, to develop filter, phase shifter, and isolator. To achieve high-frequency operation, large effective fields are required. The nanostructures (one-dimensional) will induce large shape-anisotropy fields as internal energy. The nanowires and films will be incorporated into ultra-small microstrip waveguides to produce reciprocal/nonreciprocal devices operating above 10 GHz. Magnetic/multiferroic nanowires will be developed with bottom-up and top-down approach and will be incorporated into microstrip waveguides to produce the reciprocal and nonreciprocal response.


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