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Proposal Number: 5917

Domain: Healthcare

Theme(s): Point of care diagnostic tests and surveillance systems for common non-communicable and Infectious diseases

Supporting Central Government Agency: Indian Council of Medical Research

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 149.16

Principal Investigator: Soumyo Mukherji

Principal Investigator Institute: IIT Bombay

Debjani Paul ,IIT Bombay
Krishnakumar Subramanian ,Vision Research Foundation
Sowmya Parameswaran ,Vision Research Foundation, Chennai
R Vijayalakshmi ,Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar, Chennai
ARVIND KRISHNAMURTHY ,Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar, Chennai.
C. S. Mani ,Cancer Research and Relief Trust

Domain: Healthcare

Project Title

A device for detecting circulating tumor cells in blood using a microfluidic chip and a fibre optic sensor

Web Abstract

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in blood of patients with solid cancers are very important in early diagnosis and examination of possible metastasis. These are also associated with shortened survival rates. CTC screening is crucial for follow up and getting information on response to therapy. This project aims to develop a microfluidic chip  to separate the CTCs from blood and combine it with an optical sensor to detect CTCs. The microfluidic chip will first capture the WBCs and the CTCs by size-based filtration. After the second filtration step, WBCs will be captured using antibody/aptamer coated pillars and the CTCs will flow towards an optical sensor for detection. We will validate the platforms using proved clinical specimens obtained from various solid cancers, such as, head and neck cancer, retinoblastoma and breast cancer. IIT Bombay, Vision Research Foundation (Shankar Netralaya), and Cancer Institute (WIA) are collaborating for this project.

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