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18 projects are now under implementation

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Projects Under Implementation: Information & Communication Technology

Sr. No. Supporting Council / Dept. / Ministry Project No. Project Title
1 PI Institute 7482 Power Aware Compiler for Embedded Processors
2 MEITY 7515 Smart Classrooms: Technology Aids for Effective Teaching in Large Classrooms
3 Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs 6720 CityProbe: A city-scale pervasive sensing system for monitoring road conditions, air and sound pollution
4 Ministry of Power 6158 A Software Tool for the Planning and Design of Smart Micro Power Grids
5 Indian Council of Medical Research 6919 A web and mobile phone based service for health administrators, medical officers and health workers to track/monitor progress of Tuberculosis (TB) patients in real-time
6 Indian Council of Medical Research 6942 A Mobile-based Virtual Reality Platform for Training and Educating Community Health Workers (CHWs)
7 MEITY 6918 An Efficient Software Framework for developing Reliable Multi-threaded Applications for Multi-Core Architectures
8 Ministry of Railways 5496 FMSAFE: A Networked Centre for Formal Methods in Validation and Certification Procedures for Safety Critical ICT Systems
9 Department of Atomic Energy 6087 Development of a Suite of Indigenous Assistive Systems and Tools for the Disabled Community in India
10 Department of Atomic Energy 6439 Decentralized Target Tracking using Swarms of Aerial Robots
11 Indian Council of Medical Research 8129 Development of a system for post stroke rehabilitation of hand functions using a low cost robotic exoskeleton
12 MEITY 5283 Development of Speech Interface for Form-filling application in Five Indian languages
13 MEITY 5326 Information Access from Document Images of Indian languages
14 MEITY 5592 A Platform for Crosslingual and Multilingual Event Monitoring in Indian Languages
15 MEITY 6406 Development of anti-spoofing measure for speech interfaces to prevent computer generated voice hacking
16 MEITY 7188 Development of Scalable GaN-based Distributed Dynamic Power Management System for IoT Applications with On-Demand Dynamic Thermal Management
17 Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs 7794 Intelligent Surveillance Data Retriever (ISDR) for Smart city Applications
18 Ministry of Road Transport and Highways 7338 A simple and robust non-contact method for rapid structural health monitoring of critical infrastructure using Digital Image Correlation.