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Proposal Number: 7729

Domain: Nano-Technology Hardware

Theme(s): Environment

Supporting Central Government Agency:

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 184.80

Principal Investigator: Prasanta Kumar Guha

Principal Investigator Institute: IIT Kharagpur

Pradip Mandal ,IIT Kharagpur

Domain: Nano-Technology Hardware

Project Title

Nano-material based Humidity Sensors on CMOS Platform

Project Images

Image Caption:humidity sensor device (GO nano-material coating on electrode)

Web Abstract

The purpose of this proposal is to develop a prototype of highly sensitive wide range humidity sensor on CMOS platform employing nano-material as sensing layer. Two-dimensional (2D)-layered nano-materials (e.g. graphene-oxide, MoS2, WS2) will be synthesized using low cost chemical exfoliation route and drop-casted over on-chip electrodes. Recent works from our group shows that 2D-materials can give very large and ultrafast response in presence of humidity due to their layered structure and large proton conductivity. The humidity sensor will be interfaced with a suitable signal acquisition system which is realizable on the same silicon die. The interface electronics will be designed to handle (i)large baseline resistance and (ii)large change in resistance of sensing layer in presence of humidity. The sensor system will be interfaced with a microcontroller for data handling and transfer. Such a compact, low cost single-chip solution will be useful for indoor air-quality monitoring (IAQ) and other industrial applications.