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Metamaterial Enhanced Wireless Power Transmission System

Primary Information


Advanced Materials

Project No.


Sanction and Project Initiation

Sanction No: 3-18/2015-TS-TS.I

Sanction Date: 29/11/2016

Project Initiation date:08/02/2018

Project Duration: 36

Partner Ministry/Agency/Industry

Department of Science and Technology


Role of partner:Providing 50% of the the approved budget


Support from partner:Provide the 50 % financial support to finish the project smoothly. However, we have received 15.92 Lakh against 32.22 Lakh of DST share.

Principal Investigator

PI Image

Sisir Kumar Nayak
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Host Institute


PI Image

D.Senthil Kumar
Microwave Tube Research & Development Centre (MTRDC), DRDO Lab


Scope and Objectives

1. Batteries of UAVs which are used in aerial surveillance to safeguard the borders and in future UAVs that will be used to transport the organs from donor to recipient will be charged through WPT technology.
2. With the help of WPT, batteries of sensors like, Wide Angle PIR Sensor, High Speed Laser Rangefinders, thermal, avalanche etc and batteries of cameras to track enemy movement will be charged efficiently.
3. Batteries of biomedical implants like cardiac pace makers, sensors to measure blood pressure, sugar will be charged through WPT technology.


Development of 1. Prototype of charging unit for batteries of UAVs, 2. Prototype of charging unit for sensors, and 3. Charging of biomedical implants.


Scientific Output

It is seen that the charging current with the meta material (MM) is two times as compared to without MM. Because of the increase in the charging current, the sensors can be charged faster and in an efficient way in the far field region. The power transfer efficiency increases by 86 % with the MM. Theoretically the power transfer at 6 m with the 650 W input power is 1.42 W , but with the help of MM , the power transfer is 2. 92 W.


Project image

Results and outcome till date

The outcomes are: 1. With the help of MM, the power transfer at 6 m is increased by 86 % 2. The charging current is increased by 2 times with the MM.


Project image
Project image
Project image
Project image

Societal benefit and impact anticipated

With the help of MM, the power transfer efficiency increases which can be used to charge drones, sensors kept at far-field from the source for defense application. With the use of MM as a lens, the beam is focused to kill the cancer cells by non-invasive method. WPT can be used to charge the sensors placed inside the body like pacemakers , glucose monitoring device etc.

Next steps

1. The charging of drone at 6 m will be shown. 2. The use of microwave beam to charge the bio medical implant will be shown.

Publications and reports

1. Amit Kumar Baghel, Pardha Sourya Nayani, and Sisir Kumar Nayak, Metamaterial Split Ring Resonator Using Thin Ferrite Slab at GHz Frequency, IEEE International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems (ICCES 2017), Thanjavur,19-20 October 2017.
2. Amit Kumar Baghel, and Sisir Kumar Nayak, Improving Radiation Efficiency using Met surface in Pyramidal Horn Antenna, International workshop on advanced materials, Proc. In American Institute of Physics (AIP) NIST, Berhampur, 19-21 Dec 2017.
3. Amit Kumar Baghel, and Sisir Kumar Nayak, Negative refractive index metamaterial for enhancing radiation directive in S-band, 3rd IEEE conference on microwave and photonics, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, 9-11 Feb 2018.


Parabolic Pyramidal Horn antenna" by Amit Kumar Baghel, Shashank Kulkarni, Sisir Kumar Nayak and Senthil Kumar, Indian patent application number: 201831002285, published on 09/02/2018

Scholars and Project Staff

Three PhD research scholar : 1. Amit Kumar Baghel 2. Shashank Satish Kulkarni 3. Buddhadeb Maity
2 research scholar: 1. Himanshu Sahoo 2. Dipak Sahoo
1 B. tech student: Utkarsh Jaiswal
one project staff ( June 2017- December 2017)

Challenges faced

Due to non-availability of fund, the important equipment are not purchased till now and the PO of few are under process. The fund received till now is utilized for making testing facility and for man power.

Other information

1. Gandhian young Innovation award (GYTI) award 2018 was presented by honorable president of India at Rastrapati Bhavan on 19th March 2018 for the project Feasibility study of WPT using meta material.
2. Selected among the top 30 teams for the national symposium of DRDO robotics exhibition.

Financial Information

  • Total sanction: Rs. 6444000

  • Amount received: Rs. 2853000

  • Amount utilised for Equipment: Rs. 0

  • Amount utilised for Manpower: Rs. 159822

  • Amount utilised for Consumables: Rs. 2245000

  • Amount utilised for Contingency: Rs. 42439

  • Amount utilised for Travel: Rs. 28832

  • Amount utilised for Other Expenses: 0

  • Amount utilised for Overheads: Rs. 486004

Equipment and facilities


1. An echoic chamber with measurement setup for experimental validation of WPT is under progress.
2. Pyramidal horn antenna

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