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Proposal Number: 6408

Domain: Nano-Technology Hardware

Theme(s): Environment
Methodology for implementation

Supporting Central Government Agency:

Budget (Rs. Lakhs): 156.32

Principal Investigator: Prof. Superb Misra

Principal Investigator Institute: Indian Institute of Technology-Gandhinagar

Prof. Alok Dhawan ,Indian Institute of Toxicological Research (Lucknow)
Prof. Rishi Shanker ,Institute of Life Sciences, Ahmedabad
Dr. Balasubramanian C ,Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar

Domain: Nano-Technology Hardware

Project Title

Advanced nanotracers for product life cycle assessment and product monitoring

Project Images

Image Caption:Work flow

Web Abstract

Isotopically labelled nanoparticle (iNPs) will be used as tracers for product assessment and life-cycle analysis. This project looks at a) Testing of the tracers as biomedical and environmental tracers, and b) Commercializing the technology. Traceable nanoparticles are a state-of the art in nanotechnology domain and we propose to take the synthesized traceable nanoparticles with enhanced detection ability to the market. Failure of bio implants has become a major health concern among the aging population. Currently, there is no viable and safe method to predict the failure of the implants. Embedding iNPs will allow monitoring the health of these implants and allow remedial measures prior to implant failure. Once a nano embedded product is released into the environment, there is no viable method to trace the nanoparticles and distinguish them from the environmental background concentration. Our product will allow testing the environmental impact and occupational exposure of nanomaterials; facilitating remedial measures.